HOW TO FIND GOD with Ronnie and Mel

Have you ever wondered how to find God? Or if you can know God? Well Ronnie and Mel is a Christian YouTube Channel that will help you do just that. They are a Christian Couple that talks on things like who is Jesus, who is God, the christian life, your identity, purpose, mission, the Bible, Prayer, Relationships, End times and more!

So if you want to grow in your faith, learn how to become a Christian, and be equipped to grow in your relationship with God then join them today!

R O N N I E & M E L // Ronnie Faisst, a freestyle motocross pioneer turned preacher. Melissa Faisst, a motocross model turned missionary.

Christianity doesn’t have to be complicated, it can actually be cool and we want to equip you to find your purpose & walk in your God-given destiny!

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