Listen to Jurien Huggins when he is telling his story about finding God.
This is a great testimony from Muslim who had an actual encounter with Jesus. And Kamran could also saw Jesus was sitting in the throne in heaven through his vision.
Perhaps the most powerful argument for God's existence, Christ's resurrection from the dead.
How can that person make sure they have made the right decision? Of course there are those who have not yet crossed that line, so the approach to them if, “if I crossed this line and accepted Christ, how...
Musical artist Lacey Sturm, former lead singer for the band Flyleaf, was an outspoken atheist before she planned to take her own life... but everything changed.
We never know what we truly believe until it’s a matter of life and death. Firefighter, Cheyane Caldwell was forced to face the reality of death in a tragic accident in the line of duty.